How to spend your weekend? Do you want to get some  rest,  have fun and receive a lot of positive impressions?

We invite you to make an entertaining and cognitive journey to the Family Snails Farm which is located in Khmelnitsky region. Our farm is situated near the lake, surrounded with the spruce and pine trees and the variety of different  herbs and trees. The farmer will meaningfully tell you an interesting story about his snail farm. We’ll cook any dish from our menu for you with love and treat you with the  fragrant coffee of aromatic herb tea.

The best time to visit us – from May to August.

During those 4 hours you’ll have a great time, get the interesting information and you’ll have the possibility to try the amazing delicacy made of the meat of the snails.

Family Snails Farm excursion area

You can find out about the possible  time of  the visit  and about the cost of the excursions by calling  this number. 
tel: +380673524131 (Nicholas)