• I have never tasted the snails, how do they taste?
    Meat of the snails has the sweet taste and soft texture. You have to try it by yourself and then you can value this dish.
  • Why should I choose your product?
    Our farm is located in eco zone and we prepare all our products with love and use any preservatives. (Our secret – professionalism + love = happy client).
  • Is snails’ meat hard to cook?
    Who knows...

    It depends on the way you cook it. It’s quite hard to get the delicious course if you don’t strictly follow all the procedures and nuances of the recipe. That’s why it is better to take our ready product or semi-finished product for home-made cooking.
  • How long are your snails stored in the hibernation?
    Average time is 8 months.long time in hibernation stage make snails much more weaker.