Family Snails Farm

Our Farm

The history of our farm dates back to 2017. Hnatuk Nicholas the mechanical engineer by education and the entrepreneur by vocation, has repeatedly wondered what business he should set up in his native village that he can often come there with his family and visit his parents. Once, having some rest among the close group of friends, Nicholas was advised to try to breed the grape snails by one of them. There were all the needed conditions and partially the infrastructure for starting such special production. Having learned the experience of Poland and Lithuania we decided that the grape snails would not be very profitable for the industrial manufacturing. We also discovered that the edible Mediterranean Snail Helix Aspersa Muller is in demand and its price is quite higher. The idea of creating the Snails Family Farm was the great startup. We went to Poland to obtain the practical experience and after that we went to Lithuania in order to visit snails’ farm there. The following year we successfully completed the reproduction and closed the entire cycle of the entire production cycle.

We’ve collected the 4 tons of high quality snails in 2018. Our business has become very interesting for us, and we see the perspectives and ways of development. We plant our fields with 10 tons of snails in 2019 as the level of profitability depends on the volume.


We offer to our partners:

  • A youngster snails
  • Eggs of the snail
  • Reproducer (Breeder)

Joint Implementation of a product snail for existing contracts.


We invite you to take part in the cognitive and entertaining journey to the Family Snails Farm which is located in Khmelnitsky region. We’ll cook any dish from our menu for you with love and treat you with the fragrant coffee of aromatic herb tea.

The best time to visit us – from May to August. During those 4 hours you’ll have a great time, get interesting information and of course you will try very special delicacy which is made of meat of the snails.

Contact us for the additional information - tel: +380673524131 (Nicholas).

We are glad to meet you!