Caviar (50g)



  • Snail’s caviar
  • Salt


Snail’s caviar is the white pearls with the taste and smell of noble mushrooms. Having tasted the snail’s caviar, you will feel the aroma of fresh autumn wood and the smell of oak leaves. Thanks to such properties it is called forest pearls.

Usually, our caviar is served on toasts and it’s ideal to martini or champagne. It is also used in the preparation of exotic sauces and dishes.

Snail brings a few eggs with a total weight of about three grams (80-120 eggs).

The period of storage of eggs at a temperature of +2 – +6 °C – up to 3 months. The caviar is not frozen.

Period of storage can be increased, after adding oil to the caviar.

The nutritional value of  caviar

In 100 grams of caviar contains:

  • Proteins 16.1
  • Fat 1.4
  • Carbohydrates 2.0
  • Calories 90

The caviar contains about 37 micro and macro elements, which is several times larger than fish caviar

Vitamins that are part of the snail caviar

  • vitamin A, which enhances immunity and strengthens blood vessels;
  • vitamin C, which improves vision and immunity;
  • vitamin E, which normalizes metabolism and helps to reduce weight;
  • vitamin D, which helps to form and strengthen the musculoskeletal system;
  • vitamin B, which normalizes the metabolism and strengthens immunity;


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