Boiled Snails Meat (200g)


Semi-finished product. Was boiled for 40 minutes.
It requires further cooking.
The product is vacuumed and frozen.


About snails’ meat

People have eaten snails for over a thousand years. These creeping “houses” (mainly because of the shape of their shellfish) have been part of various national cuisines for a long time. Many consider them as a delicious and nutritious version of an appetizer or even the main course. But, apparently, the biggest snail lovers among all the people are French. Their “crown” dish – dummies with garlic, various spices and butter. Italians and Greeks will offer their guests this “houses” under a variety of sauces, as well as a complement to pasta.

Every year, people in the world eat millions of kilos of snails. Annually, the French celebrate the Day of the Escarch on May 24th.


Meat of snails contains a large amount of valuable protein, almost one and a half times bigger than it is stored in chicken eggs. It is also very low in content and rich in different nutritious. This meat also contains a complex of essential amino acids, which give it the right to be successfully used as a dietary product.


Made in Family Snails Farm with LOVE

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