The work on the farm starts in March. The snail-breeder (reproducer) is put onto the prepared reproduction tables. The certain climatic conditions need to be provided indoors:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Lighting
  • Ventilation

The snails, which have been conducted in the state of anabiosis for 3-5 months, should be fed for several weeks. After this period, they are ready for laying eggs in pots with peat, which are placed on reproduction tables.


The deposited eggs are removed from the pots and placed into the trays with peat. We provide the required temperature in the incubator, as well as the humidity and ventilation.A few weeks later, the snails started to hatch.


From the middle of the May and to the middle of the June the whitebait the snails are planted onto the special open field, which is surrounded with wooden construction, agricultural fabric and salt, as well as with the planting equipment which is equipped with watering and wooden shields, which serve as a house and feeder.


We collect a mature snails during the August-September period. There are two ways: selective and massive. In a selective way, the mature snails are removed and the rest  are left  to grow old. After a while this procedure  is repeated. Before mass gathering  we stop the  feeding  of the snails and watering the field, the ground  should be  “dry” in order to pick up the whole snails and after that they are  sorted.


For the successful transfer to the hibernation of snails, they need to undergo a process of emptying. The snails are packed in nets or placed on special tables and they are emptying during the few days. It is obligatory to wash fecal matter daily in order to maintain the hygiene and give the snails the commercial appearance.


After emptying and washing the snails are moved to a room with low humidity under the fans for drying and putting into anabiosis condition.


The dried snails are closed with a protective film and placed into the refrigerator which is equipped with ventilation. Snails can be remained from 3 to 8 months in the state of anabiosis.