Snails to beer



Step 1

For this dish you need to cover by salt almost 60 snails (500g). This will cause the snails are starting to secrete mucus and will hide to their shells.

Step 2

Rinse the snails thoroughly under running water (twice).

Step 3

You need to boil snails for 3 minutes. After the specified time, pull out the snails.

Step 4

Create the salt layer which can completely cover the bottom of the frying pan. After that, start putting snails on frying pan [hole to the bottom].

Step 5

Add 50ml of olive oil and 150ml of white dry wine.
2/3 shells should be covered by liquid.
If necessary, add water to the dish. The amount of water controls the salinity of the dish.

Step 6

In 15 minutes to the end, add spices:
- garlic (2 cloves)
- rosemary
- oregano
- paprika
- basil
- bay leaf

Step 7

After 40 minutes of cooking, the dish is ready for use.

Bon appetit!